1. Vincenzo Albano is a painter based in Dubai. 

    Albano was born in Italy in 1981 and began painting in 1995, finding inspiration through London, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Venice and Lisbon. 

    Although the subjects and style may be heterogeneous, it is possible to identify a constant return to the invention and creation of new worlds. Next to a more realistic description of the subject, the landscape is reworked in his works and lived with a more fantastic and dreamlike approach. 

    Two travel experiences have marked the path of recent times in different ways: a stay in Lisbon and one in Burkina Faso. 

    The Portuguese capital, long-lived also in terms of imagery, in the paintings of Albano becomes a place that evokes feelings and life experiences, while Africa has experienced a more introspective point of view. 

    Inspiration for this work comes from such influences as mythical art created by the world's first people right through to the contemporary lights and visions of the urban city. Every colour and line on the surface of the painting evokes paradise and mythical landscapes. 

    The views that are visually processed from the Real to the Imaginative, are often composed of agglomerated organic, and soft shapes that evoke the ancestral nest. 

    This is what they said. I had thought of what art can be, and immediately I had in mind this white marble statue that I really love, with two heads that look up. It is in a monastery in northern Italy and it is called Invocation. 

    I would like to represent this accelerated movement in the structures I would paint, to make the canvases a construction and destruction of living contrasts, between lived and imagined, between reassurances and desire to escape to an idealised idea of oneself.

    I am working on a new project in which I would like to unify the vision and the self-vision, playing with the concept of mutual choice. I would like to use acid tones, and see how much of an artist remains on the canvas, how the image of what the viewer sees in the mirror is still there. Maybe I'll just paint. 

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