Vincenzo Albano catches everyday life in his work, scenes from interiors, movement on the streets from the cities he has lived in, such as Amsterdam, Glasgow, Lisbon, London, Dubai and most recently, Madrid. 

He has recently followed academic courses at London’s Central St. Martins.

Albano works with various mediums; his favourite is manipulating the complexity of oil on canvas with which he has created his largest works to date. 

Vincenzo Albano is a self-taught artist. His passion for discovering new cultures has led him to travel around the world, while frequently visiting his home-town in Italy, Pordenone, a neighbouring town to the art-exposed city of Venice. 

His works have been exhibited in various locations around the world, among the most recent a solo show at the Italian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, and a solo show at Galería Tila Barrena (now ON Art Space) in Madrid.