Here you can find some drawings by Vincenzo Albano.

Corners of the house that I repeatedly observed and studied, then loved, revised and then painted one by one, reflecting the thick threads of the carpet into the lines of the drawings, studying the velvet of the sofa, trying every day to catch the movement of the light in these inner spaces.

Inspiration strikes and I have to put my ideas onto a piece of paper, canvas, using the materials I find near me.

Creating all the time I try to get the gesture on to the paper, surprising myself of the result, it’s something that comes out of the ink itself, I try to explain it through my gesture, through a vision of these spaces, with the approach I have, through the painting and the meditation.

If you are interested in any work, please contact the artist here.

Dónde puedo encontrar arte en Madrid?

Puedes encontrar obras de arte originales y baratas en Madrid, en museos y galerías. Puedes también preguntar directamente a artistas de trabajar en comisiones, para preparar algo especial para un regalo o un encargo particular. Aquí en esta página puedes encontrar diseños, dibujos en tinta sobre papel, impresiones linocut, acuarelas originales y oleo sobre lienzos. Para un encargo, puedes contactar directamente el artista siguiendo este enlace.