Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2022 SELECTIONS Viewing Rooms

2021 Gallery Tila Barrena – (now ON Art Space) in Madrid

2016 – 2018 Italian Embassy Abu Dhabi 

2015 Pordenone – Alla Stazione

2013 London EBRD

2009-2011 Sphere Gallery, Shoreditch – London

Jul 2009 Galerie Thought Amsterdam

May 2009 The Infinite voices of the Sun King Galerie MiaJoosten Amsterdam

Feb 2007 As If You Could Tell Heaven, Galleria A+A, Venice, Italy

Jul-Aug 2006 The Heaven Landscapes Ausonia Gallery, Trieste, Italy

Jun 2006 The Heaven Landscapes Knulp, Trieste, Italy

Jan 2006 Broken Landscapes Naima, Trieste, Italy 

Group Exhibitions: 

2014 The Simple Good – 21 Artists Chicago / London

2012 Wilton’s Music Hall – You Are Here Sep

2006 “Premio Internazionale di Disegno” Galleria Cartesius, Trieste, Italy with “The incredible figures in the sky”

May 2006 Group Exhibition Odradek Party (Erik Satie) Teatro Miela, Trieste with “When Odradek started to scare me”